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23rd Street BreweryKS-23RD2006-Lawrence2
Aero Plains BrewingKS-AERO2016-Wichita 2
Ark CityKS-ARK1998-1999Arkansas City1
Barley's BrewhausKS-BAR1995-1998Topeka1
Bayou StateKS-BAYU1998-Leawood1
Blind TigerKS-BLND1995-Topeka7
Blue Skye Eats & BreweryKS-BLSK2013-Salina5
Brown BearKS-BRWN1997-2002Lawrence1
Central Standard Brewing Co.KS-CENT2015-Wichita3
Defiance Brewing Co.KS-DEF2013-Hays1
Dodge City BrewingKS-DODG?-Dodge City1
Festivals in Kansas (2)KS-FEST2
Flying Monkey Brewing Co.KS-FLYM1996-1999Merriam2
Free StateKS-FREE1989-Lawrence7
Frontier Prairie BrewingKS-FRT1991-1998Leavenworth2
Happy BassetKS-HAPB?-Topeka1
High Noon Saloon & RestaurantKS-HIGH1998-Leavenworth2
Hopping Gnome BrewingKS-HOPP?-Wichita1
Kansas Territory BrewingKS-KANT2015-Washington11
L.B. BrewingKS-LB2005-Hays10
Lawrence Beer Co.KS-LAWR?-Lawrence1
Lazy Hound Restaurant & BreweryKS-LAZY1995-1996Pittsburg2
Little AppleKS-LITL1993-Manhattan11
Miracle BrewingKS-MRCL1992-1996Wichita1
Mo's PlaceKS-MO1999-Beaver1
Norsemen BrewingKS-NORS2015-Topeka1
Overland ParkKS-OVER1997-1998Overland Park1
Pony ExpressKS-PONY1995-2002Olathe12
Radius BrewingKS-RAD2014-Emporia1
Red CrowKS-REDC2015-Spring Hill1
River CityKS-RIVR1993-Wichita19
Sports Page BreweryKS-SPORT1998-2002Lawrence1
Tallgrass BrewingKS-TALL2007-Manhattan22
Third Place BrewingKS-THIR2016-Wichita1
Walnut RiverKS-WALN2012-El Dorado1
Wheel BarrelKS-WHEE?-Topeka1
Wichita BrewingKS-WICH2010- Wichita1
Yankee Tank BrewingKS-YANK2015-Lawrence1
Total Kansas coasters: 142
Total Kansas Brewers:38
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