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2nd Shift BrewingMO-2NDS2009-New Haven1
4 HandsMO-FOUR2011-St Louis12
5th Street Brew PubMO-5th2003-Sedalia1
75th Street BreweryMO-SEV1993-2016Kansas City11
ABC Brewing Corp.MO-ABC1934-1936St Louis1
All American Beer Co.MO-ALLM2012-St Louis1
Alpha Brewing Co.MO-ALPH2013-St Louis4
Amerisports Brew PubMO-AMER1997-Kansas City3
Anheuser Busch (82)MO-AB1852-St Louis0
Augusta BrewingMO-AUG2000-Augusta7
Bacchus BrewingMO-BACC1999-2000St Louis1
Bastard Brothers Brewing Co.MO-BAST2015-High Ridge1
Bat Creek BrewingMO-BAT2000-Bowling Green1
Belt BrewingMO-BELT1997-2002St Joseph1
Big Balls BrewingMO-BIGB?-Kansas City1
Big Cedar BreweryMO-BIGC1999-2000Lee's Summit1
Border X (See Border X in CA Guide)0
Boulevard Brewing (3)MO-BOUL1989-Kansas City106
Brewery EmperialMO-BREM2016-Kansas City1
Broadway BrewingMO-BRDW2009-Columbia3
Buffalo BrewingMO-BUFF2008-2013St Louis1
Bur OakMO-BUR2014-St Louis3
Capitol CityMO-CAP1933-1947Jefferson City1
Cathedral SquareMO-CATH2009-St Louis3
Center Ice BreweryMO-CENT2017-St. Louis1
Cinder BlockMO-CIN2013-North Kansas City1
Civil Life BrewingMO-CIV2011-St Louis16
Columbia BrewingMO-COL1934-1948St Louis1
Crown Valley BrewingMO-CRW2008-St Genevieve12
Falstaff Brewing (4)MO-FALS1933-1967St Louis68
Ferguson BrewingMO-FER2010-Ferguson4
Festivals in Missouri (8)MO-FEST?-Various11
Flat Branch BrewingMO-FLAT1994-Columbia6
Forest ParkMO-FORS?-1916St Louis1
Gary W. PinsonMO-GWPN2013-St Louis1
Gast Brewery Inc.MO-GAST1934-1946St. Louis0
Goetz M.K. BrewingMO-GOE1933-1961Kansas City24
Griesedieck BrosMO-GRI1992-St Louis25
Grindstone BrewingMO-GRND2005-2005Columbia1
Heartland BrewingMO-HEA1997-1999Washington1
Heavy Riff BrewingMO-HEVY?-St Louis2
Hill Brewing CoMO-HILL2002-2007St Louis1
Hill Brewing Co.MO-HILLBC2010-2010Ferguson1
HofbrauhausMO-HOFB1994-Kansas City2
Hyde ParkMO-HYD1889-1948St Louis7
Iron HorseMO-IRON1997-1999Joplin2
Kansas City Bier Co.MO-KCBR2013-Kansas City2
Kirkwood StationMO-KIRK2011-Kirkwood2
Klausmann BrewingMO-KLAU1878-1919St Louis1
Lemp Brewing CoMO-LEMP2004-St Louis1
Lost Signal BrewingMO-LOST2017-Springfield1
Main & Mill BrewingMO-MAIN2015-Festus1
Mark Twain BrewingMO-MARK2014-Hannibal15
Martin City BrewingMO-MART2013-Kansas City2
Mattingly Brewing Co.MO-MAT2008-St Louis1
McCoy's Public House & BwyMO-MCC1997-Kansas City7
Mill CreekMO-MILL1994-2002Kansas City2
Modern BrewingMO-MOD2013-St Louis2
Morgan StreetMO-MORG1995-St Louis5
Mother's BrewingMO-MOTH2010-Springfield15
MuehlebochMO-MUEH1934-1956Kansas City7
O'Fallon BreweryMO-OFFA2000-Maryland Heights17
Osage BrewingMO-OSAG1998-2002Osage Beach1
Peerless BrewingMO-PEER1934-1939Washington1
Perennial BeerMO-PERE2013-St Louis2
Piney RiverMO-PINY2010-Bucyrus5
PinsonSee: Gary W. Pinson (MO-GWPN)
Point Labaddie BreweryMO-POLA2016-Labadie1
Power Plant Rest/BwyMO-POWR998-2008Parkville1
Prison BrewsMO-PRI2008-Jefferson City8
Public House BrewingMO-PUB2014-Rolla1
River Market BrewingMO-RIVR1994-2008Kansas City4
Rock & Roll Beer Co.MO-RRB?-?St. Louis0
Rock & RunMO-ROCR2013-Liberty4
Rock BridgeMO-ROCB2012-Columbia2
Route 66 BreweryMO-ROUT1998-2000St Louis2
SchlaflySee: St Louis Brewery & Taproom (MO-STLO)
Schneider BrewingSee: Oldenberg Brewery (KY-OLDN)
Schorr-KolkschneiderMO-SCKO1933-1939St. Louis0
Signature Beer CompanyMO-SIG1992-ClosedSt Louis4
Six Mile BridgeMO-SIXM2015-Maryland Heights6
Six Row BrewingMO-SIXR2009-2015St Louis3
Springfield BrewingMO-SPRI1997-Springfield20
Square One BreweryMO-SQU2007-St Louis3
St Louis Brewery & Taproom (4)MO-STLO1991-St Louis69
Standard BrewingMO-STD2015-Maryland Heights2
Steampunk Brew WorksMO-STEA2017-Town and Country1
Stockyards Brewing Co.MO-STOC2016-Kansas City1
Tin Mill BrewingMO-TIN2005-Hermann4
Torn Label BrewingMO-TORN2015-Kansas City1
Trailhead BrewingMO-TRAL1995-St.Charles3
Two Plumbers Brewery + ArcadeMO-TWOP2017St. Charles2
Union BreweryMO-UNION1906-1919St Louis1
Urban ChestnutMO-URB2010-St Louis10
Weston BrewingMO-WESTN1997-1999 / 2005-Weston2
Westport BrewingMO-WESTP1994-1996Kansas City3
William K. BuschMO-WKB2011-St Louis10
Total Missouri coasters: 616
Total Missouri Brewers:99
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