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North Carolina
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217 Brew WorksNC-2BW2016-Wilson1
Andrews Brewing CompanyNC-AND2013 -Andrews1
Apex Brewing Co.NC-APX2001 - ClosedApex1
Appalachian Mountain Brewing Co.NC-AMB2013 - Boone6
Archetype BrewingNC-ARCH2017-Asheville1
Asheville Brewers Alliance      (Not a brewer)NC-ABA? - Asheville1
Asheville Brewing Co.NC-ASH1999 - Asheville11
Ass Clown Brewing Co.NC-ASS2009 - Cornelius2
Aviator Brewing Co.NC-AVI2008 - Fuquay Varina5
Bayne Brewing Co.NC-BAYN2013 - Cornelius1
BearWaters Brewing Co.NC-BRWT2012 - Waynesville2
Bhramari BrewhouseNC-BHR2015-Asheville1
Big Boss Brewing Co.NC-BBB2006 - Raleigh9
Biltmore Brewing Co.NC-BLT2008 - Asheville9
Bird Song Brewing Co.NC-BIRD2011 - Charlotte3
Blackjack Brewing Co.NC-BJAK2015Raleigh1
Blind Squirrel Brewing Co.NC-BLSQ2012 - Plumtree4
Blowing Rock Brewing Co.NC-BLWR2013 - Blowing Rock1
Blue Blaze Brewing Co.NC-BLBZ2013-Charlotte1
Blue Mountain Pizza & Brew PubNC-BMP2012 - Weaverville1
Blue Rooster Brew HouseNC-BRB1997 -1998Asheville1
Bold Missy BreweryNC-BOLD2017-Charlotte1
Bombshell Beer CoNC-BOMB2013 - Holly Springs2
Bond Brothers Beer CompanyNC-BOND2016-Cary2
Boojum Brewing Co.NC-BOJM2014 - Waynesville1
Boondocks Brewing Co.NC-BDOC2012 - West Jefferson2
Boone Brewing Co.NC-BOON2008 - ?Blowing Rock2
Booneshine Brewing Co.NC-BOSH2015-Boone1
Brewery 99NC-B992015-New Bern1
Brueprint Brewing CoNC-BRPR2015 - Apex1
Bull City BreweryNC-BULL2011 - Durham1
Bull Durham Beer Co.NC-BULD2015-Durham5
Bullpen, TheSee: Bull Durham Beer Co. (NC-BULD)
Burial Beer Co.NC-BUR2013-Asheville1
Cabarrus Brewing Co.NC-CBR2016-Concord3
Carolina Beer Co.NC-CRL1998 - 2011Moorsville8
Carolina BreweryNC-CAB1995 - Chapel Hill24
Carolina Brewing Co.NC-CBC1995 - Holly Springs4
Catawba Brewing Co.NC-CATA1996 - Morganton6
Cavendish BrewingNC-CAVE2017-Gastonia1
Check 6 Brewing Co.NC-CK62014 - Southport?1
Clouds BrewingNC-CLDS2016-Raleigh2
Compass Rose Brewing Co.NC-CORO2015 - Raleigh1
Cottonwood BreweryNC-CWB1995 - 2001Boone6
Craggie Brewing Co.NC-CRG2009 - Asheville2
Crank Arm Brewing Co.NC-CARM2013 - Raleigh5
Cross Creek Brewing Co.NC-CCB1998 - 2000Fayetteville1
Crystal Coast Brewing Co.NC-CRYS2017-Morehead City1
Currahee Brewing Co.NC-CURR2016-Franklin1
D9 Brewing Co.NC-D92013 - Cornelius3
Deep River Brewing Co.NC-DPRV2013 - Clayton3
Dilworth Brewing Co.NC-DIL1988 - 1998Charlotte4
Dirtbag AlesNC-DRTB2014 - Hope Mills3
Double Barley Brewing Co.NC-DBAR2013 - Smithfield5
Draft Line BrewingNC-DLB2014-2017Fuquay-Varina2
Dreamchasers BreweryNC-DREA2016-Waxhaw1
Duck-Rabbit Craft BreweryNC-DUCK2004 - Farmville1
Durty Bull BrewingNC-DURT2016Durham3
Ecusta BrewingNC-ECUS2016-Pisgah Forest1
Edison Craft AlesNC-EDSN2013 - Asheville1
Eleven Lakes BrewingNC-ELEV?-[Cornelius1
Festivals in North Carolina (12)NC-FESTvarious17
First Coast Brewing Co.NC-FIRC1997 - ClosedWilmington3
Flagstone Brewing Co.NC-FLS1996 - 1997Winston-Salem4
Flytrap Brewing Co.NC-FLYT2014 - Wilmington1
Foothills Brewing Co.NC-FOOT2004 - Winston-Salem6
Fortnight Brewing Co.NC-FORN2012 - Cary1
Four Friends BrewingNC-FOUR2012-2014Charlotte1
Four Saints Brewing Co.NC-4SAN2013 - Asheboro1
Free Range BrewingNC-FRB?-Charlotte1
French Broad River Brewing Co.NC-FRBR2001 - Asheville6
Frog Level Brewing Co.NC-FROG2011- Waynesville4
Front Street Brewing Co.NC-FSB1995 - Wilmington11
Full Moon/Lost Colony BreweryNC-FMB2011- Manteo2
Fullsteam Brewing Co.NC-FST2012-Durham3
Gibb's Hundred Brewing Co.NC-GIBB2014- Greensboro4
Gizmo Brew WorksNC-GBW2013-Raleigh1
Granite Falls Brewing Co.NC-GRF2013- Granite Falls3
Green Man Brewing / Jack of the Woods PubNC-JOW1997 - Asheville33
Greenshields Brewing Co.NC-GSB1989 - 2004Raleigh3
Ham's Restaurant & BreweryNC-HAM2000 - ClosedGreenville2
Hauser Brewing Co.NC-HSR?? - closedCharlotte1
Haw River Farmhouse AlesNC-HAWR2013- Saxapahaw2
Headwaters Brewing Co.NC-HWB2012 - Waynesville1
Heinzelmannchen BreweryNC-HEIN2004 - Sylva2
Heist BreweryNC-HEIS2012 - Charlotte1
Hi-Wire Brewing Co.NC-HIWI2013 - Asheville5
Highland Brewing Co.NC-HLD1994 - Asheville14
Homeplace Brewing Co.NC-HOME?-Burnsville1
Howard Brewing Co.NC-HOW2013? - Lenoir1
Huske Hardware House Brewing Co.NC-HHH1996 - Fayetteville5
Hyde Brewing CompanyNC-HYDE?-Charlotte1
Ironclad BrewingNC-IRON2014 - Wilmington1
Johnson Beer Co.NC-JBC1995 - 2001Charlotte3
Jordan Lake Brewing Co.NC-JORD2017-Cary1
Joymongers Brewing Co.NC-JOYGreensboro1
Kind Beers DistributingNC-KIND2008 - Charlotte1
Lake Norman Brewing Co.NC-LNB1999 - 2000Cornelius2
Lake Norman Brewing Co.NC-LNBM2014-2017Mooresville1
Lazy Hiker Brewing Co.NC-LZHI2015 - Franklin1
Legion BrewingNC-LEG2015-Charlotte5
Lenny Boy Brewing Co.NC-LBOY2014 - Charlotte3
Lexington Avenue Brewing Co.NC-LAB2010 - Asheville1
Loggerhead Brewing Co.NC-LHB1990 - 1994Greensboro6
Lone Rider BrewingNC-LONR2009 - Raleigh10
Lookout BrewingNC-LOOK2013-Black Mountain1
Lost Colony BrewerySee: Full Moon/Lost Colony Brewery (NC-FMB)
Lost Province Brewing Co.NC-LOST2014-Boone2
Lynnwood Brewing ConcernNC-LBC2013 - Raleigh3
Mash House Brewing Co.NC-MHB2000 - Fayetteville4
Mill Whistle BrewingNC-MILL?-Beaufort1
Morgan Ridge Railwalk Brewery & EateryNC-MRRW2016Salisbury1
Mother Earth Brewing Co.NC-MOT2008 - Kinston3
Mountain Layers Brewing Co.NC-MOLA?-Bryson City1
Mystery Brewing Co.NC-MYST2011 - Hillsborough2
Nantahala Brewing Co.NC-NANT2010 - Bryson City1
Natty Greene's Pub & Brewing Co.NC-NATG2004 - Greensboro17
Neuse River Brewing Co.NC-NEUS2015 - Raleigh1
New Sarum Brewing Co.NC-NSA2012-Salisbury1
Nickel Point Brewing Co.NC-NIPT2014 - Raleigh2
NoDa Brewing Co.NC-NODA2011 - Charlotte6
Old Raleigh Brewing Co.NC-ORB1995 - 1997Raleigh1
Olde Hickory Brewing Co.NC-OHK1995 - Hickory6
Olde Mecklenburg BrewingNC-OMECK2008 - Charlotte19
One World BrewingNC-ONEW2016-Asheville1
Outer Banks Brewing StationNC-OUTB2001 - Kill Devil Hills8
Oyster House BrewingNC-OYSH2009 - Asheville1
Pig Pounder BreweryNC-PPB2014 - Greensboro5
Pinehurst Village BreweryNC-PHV1996 - ClosedAberdeen2
Pisgah BrewingNC-PISG2004 - Black Mountain2
Ponysaurus Brewing Co.NC-PONY2015 - Durham2
Preyer BrewingNC-PREY2015 - Greensboro2
Primal BreweryNC-PRI2014 - Huntersville1
Railhouse BreweryNC-RAHS2010 - Aberdeen1
Raleigh Beer MonthNC-RABMRaleigh2
Raleigh BrewingNC-RAL2013 - Raleigh12
Red Oak BrewerySee: Spring Garden Brewing Co. (NC-SGB)
Resident CultureNC-RESI2017-Charlotte4
Rock Bottom BrewerySee: ROCK BOTTOM (CO-RBTM)
Roth BrewingNC-ROTH2008 - Raleigh1
Salisbury Brewing Co.See: New Sarum Brewing Co. (NC-NSA)
Sapphire Mountain BrewingNC-SAPP2008 - Sapphire1
Skull Camp BrewingNC-SKUL2014 - Mount Airy2
Southend BreweryNC-SEB1995 - 2007Charlotte8
Southern Pines BreweryNC-SPIN2013 - Southern Pines2
Spring Garden Brewing Co.NC-SGB1991 - Greensboro18
Steel String Brewing Co.NC-STEE2012 - Carrboro3
Sugar Creek Brewing Co.NC-SUGC2014 - Charlotte2
Sweeten Creek BrewingNC-SWC2015-Asheville1
Tapps BrewpubNC-TAP2000 - 2001Raleigh1
Tek MountainNC-NC-TEK? to ?Wilmington1
Thirsty Nomad Brewing Co.NC-THNO2016-Charlotte1
Three Spirits BreweryNC-TSB?-Charlotte2
Tight Lines Pub & Brewing Co.NC-TILI?-Morehead City 1
Tomcat Brewing Co.NC-TCB1996-1997Raleigh2
Top of the Hill BreweryNC-TOH1996 - Chapel Hill5
Tour De BrewNC-TOUR?-Raleigh1
Triangle Brewing Co.NC-TRIA2007 - Durham1
Triple C Brewing Co.NC-TRIC2012 - Charlotte2
Twin Leaf BreweryNC-TWL2012-Asheville1
Unknown Brewing Co.NC-UNKN2013 - Charlotte5
Up Country Brewing Co.NC-UPCAsheville1
Wedge Brewing Co.NC-WED2008 - Asheville1
Weeping Radish BreweryNC-WRB1986 - 2006 & VariousManteo12
Westbend BrewhouseNC-WBEND2012 - Lewisville1
White Rabbit BreweryNC-WRAB2012 - Angier1
White Street BreweryNC-WHST2012 - Wake Forest10
Wicked Weed Brewing Co.NC-WWD2012 - Asheville19
Wilmington Brewing Co.NC-WBC1994 - 2000Wilmington3
Wooden RobotNC-WOOD2015-Charlotte1
Wrightsville Beach BreweryNC-WRIG?-Wilmington1
York Chester Brewing Co.NC-YOCH2014-Belmont1
Zebulon Artisan AlesNC-ZEB2016-Weaverville1
Total North Carolina coasters: 584
Total North Carolina Brewers:174
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