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South Dakota
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Bill of Rights BrewerySD-BILL2017-Pierre1
Buglin Bull RestaurantSD-BUG2012-Custer3
Chances Are BrewpubSD-CHAN1996-1998Pierre1
Crow PeakSD-CROW2007-Spearfish5
Dakota ShiversSD-DASH2015-Lead2
FernsonSD-FERN2015-Sioux Falls5
Firehouse BrewingSD-FIRE1991-Rapid City68
Gandy Dancer Brew WorksSD-GAN2013-Sioux Falls2
Hay Camp Brewing Co.SD-HAY2014Rapid City1
Highland LaddieSD-HIGH2000-2002Watertown1
Hydra BeerSD-HYDR?-Sioux Falls1
Knuckle BrewingSD-KNUC?-Sturgis2
Lost CabinSD-LOST2016-Rapid City1
Miner Brewing Co.SD-MINE2013-Hill City1
Mt Rushmore BrewingSD-RUSH2002-2006Hill City1
Remedy Brewing Co.SD-REMD2017-Sioux Falls1
Rough Draft BrewingSee: Chances Are Brewpub (SD-CHAN)
Sick & TwistedSD-SIC2012-Hill City3
Sidehack SaloonSD-SIDE?-Sturgis3
Sioux Falls BrewingSD-SIOU1995-2003Sioux Falls7
Wooden Legs BrewingSD-WOOD2013-Brookings3
WoodGrain BrewingSD-WODG2014-Sioux Falls2
Total South Dakota coasters: 114
Total South Dakota Brewers:22
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